Dr Jon Brock


Hello. My name’s Jon Brock. I’m a science writer based in Sydney, Australia, specialising in psychology and neuroscience. I’ve written for Scientific American, The Guardian, Lateral, The Conversation, The Psychologist, BPS Research Digest, Frontiers for Young Minds, Spectrum News, Nature Index, UNSW News, Hacker Noon, Inspiring Australia, and Careers with STEM.

I have a PhD in Psychology and completed post-docs at the University of Bristol and University of Oxford, followed by an ARC Australian Research Fellowship in Cognitive Science at Macquarie University, Sydney. My research focused on neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, Williams syndrome, and Down syndrome, combining psychometric assessments with eye-tracking and EEG and MEG measures of brain activity.

Please note, this website is for interest only and should not be seen as a substitute for professional advice. Opinions expressed are my own (at the time of writing) and may not reflect the views of current or previous employers.